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All You Need to Know About Pump Packing

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Pump Packing is especially useful for high shaft speeds. For instance, different hydraulic pump systems have varying theoretical angular velocities; pump packing is crucial for those with the highest velocities. It also aids in equipment or machinery startup and maintains pliancy for extensive periods using specially generated lubricants. The packing seal’s rotating shafts reduce or prevent leakage to the atmosphere. Pump distributors offer a variety of pump packing solutions; it is up to you to choose the one that works best for your needs.
A List of Common Pump Packing Solutions Available in the Market
Style-210 packing is commonly used for universal packing especially in paper and sewage industries. This packing style is suitable for abrasive materials as it galvanizes a pump’s wear resistance. For instance, sewage and paper industries move various chemicals in their pumping systems making them susceptible to abrasion; this explains the extensive use of style-210 in these continuums. This type of packing also requires little monitoring and shaft sleeves are recommended for the same.
Style-333 packing is constituted by a carbon fiber and carbon reinforced graphite tape both coupled with a run-in lubricant.Like most packing solutions, style-333 is tailored to protect the shaft, and the running track reinforcement makes it abrasion-resistant. The heat conductivity is also significantly efficient. It is one of the few packing methods that are appropriate for dry running applications. Lastly, this packing style has a self-lubricating provision, making hydraulic pump processes even more efficient.
Style-330 packing has a comparatively higher grade carbon fiber. The same is reinforced with a specially generated run-in lubricant. The versatility associated with this packing technique is considerably excellent. Heat conductivity is also efficient with no instances of shrinkage and a stable volume is always maintained within the pump parts. However, for more effective results, this approach should be used with a softer and more flexible packing technique.
An Overview of the Allis Chalmers Pumps
The Allis Chalmers pumps are suitable for a variety of applications. Most of these pumps have been installed in water treatment plants and pump stations predominantly in Africa, Asia, North and South America and Australia among other notable regions. Here is a list of Allis Chalmers pumps available today;
Submersible pumps
 Axial flow and vertical column pumps
Axially split-case pumps
 Non-clog centrifugal pumps
Most of these pumps are built with the appropriate packing installations. The use of the Allis Chalmers pumps in water treatment pumps makes the slightest possibility of a leakage extensively hazardous. Pump packing reduces the chances of leakages and damage to the hydraulic pump systems used in these plants.


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