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A plumber who installs and fixes plumbing systems for a living should have great knowledge of the various types of plumbing piping systems. In this blog, we will detail four types of piping systems that are common in the plumbing industry and detail each of their strengths and weaknesses.

Piping System No. 1: The Old School Galvanized Piping System

From the start of the 20th century, galvanized steel piping was heavily installed for indoor residential plumbing systems. One great advantage for the homebuyer is that this type of plumbing system is common to the every day plumber and has not changed with the times. Unfortunately, the major disadvantage about this system is its ability to corrode very quickly. As corrosion builds up in the pipes, they become less effective and start to block the flow of water/waste. Most of today’s construction associated with this system is for replacement of pipes due to corrosion.

Piping System No. 2: The Copper Revolution

Nowadays, copper is the preferred plumbing piping system. Much has been said about the benefits of copper such as its resistance to corrosion and its strength as a piping material. Copper is the standard for most building codes today. For the life of a system, copper is less expensive to maintain and does not involved costly fixes. But with all good things, there is a downside. Coppers relatively higher value attracts “copper thieves” who vandalize property by stealing the copper piping. This becomes prevalent in areas where new construction is taking place.

Piping System No. 3: The New Age of Pex Plumbing

Pex pipe is a bendable material made out of polyethylene. Most plumbers who advocate for this type of plumbing material state that pex is better able to handle extreme weather conditions at a far cheaper cost. Unlike copper pipes, the chances of pex pipe being stolen is minimal because of the relatively low value. A major disadvantage of this newer type of system is its inability to be an outside system and most, if not all, pex plumbing systems are inside.

Piping System No. 4: PVC: The “Middle Ground” Pipe

Polyvinyl chloride pipe, more commonly known as PVC pipe, entails all of the pros and cons of the piping systems described above. PVC pipe is one of the cheapest materials for budget-conscious plumbers and homeowners and has good strength. Major disadvantages include: susceptibility to melting at high temperature and the solvents used to connect PVC pipes has been known to be harmful for the environment.

In summary, a plumber who has knowledge of these four types of piping systems will make the right decision as to the appropriate type of piping system for the residential project to be built. You can find more info at the Drain Rescue

There’s a lot of work that goes into moving. If you’re moving for the purpose of attending a college or university, the excitement is enhanced. Fortunately, college movers can make the process a lot easier. It’s normal to forget all of the things you’ll need on the day you move into your new place, so below are examples of what you should prepare.

1. Your Favorite Cleaning Supplies

Every new living space needs a good cleaning, though some more than others. You’ll want to prepare in advance by packing the cleaning supplies you like to use. It’s better than getting there and having to make another trip to the store during a time when you’re probably busy with a limited amount of time. Generally speaking, cleaning a new space requires more scrubbing than usual because of the many people that have tracked in dirt during the moving process. You also don’t know how well it was cleaned after the last occupants departed.

2. A Basic Toolkit

Whenever you’re moving into a new space, it’s inevitable that you’ll find something that needs to be repaired, which is why you should have a basic toolkit on hand. This certainly doesn’t mean you’ll be building anything on the day you move it. However, there’s a good chance that you’ll need a hammer, screwdriver or pliers to make minor adjustments. One of the most common reasons why people need basic tools when moving in is to assemble furniture. This is because it’s usually disassembled to make the move easier. If you don’t have a toolkit, there are a lot of affordable options. If you’re using college movers, then you may not require tools. Visit Matco Calgary Movers if you want to find more resources and information.

3. An Overnight Bag

When you’re in the middle of a move, it can feel like your life is upside down because you are in between homes. A great way to maintain a few comforts is by preparing an overnight bag that has all of the things you would use if you were traveling and staying overnight. One of the reasons why this is beneficial is because moving into a new home can take time to get settled in. Having an overnight bag that you keep within arms reach ensures some of your basic necessities are available at all times.

4. Comfortable Bedding

A good night’s sleep is a necessity after moving. That’s not possible if you move and don’t have comfortable sheets and a blanket for your bed. Packing freshly cleaned linens is a great way to make sure your first night’s sleep is the best possible. You can even include pajamas just in case you’re unable to figure out where things are packed.

Whether it’s an apartment or a dorm, you’ll want to be prepared with the essentials required to make your new living space your own.

There is no denying that wine has long been a favourite of those who prefer a classier, more artistic touch to their drinking experience. The music world has long revelled in wine, from Strauss and Verdi writing their arias “Im Feuerstrom de Reben” and “La Brindisi” to Frank and Nancy Sinatra singing about “Days of Wine and Roses” and “Summer Wine.”

Wine was likewise a fixture of Renaissance art, with artists like Caravaggio featuring wine in their paintings. For as classy and artsy an option as wine might be, therefore, when considering where to buy wooden wine boxes, a great gift for wine lovers the world over.

Let’s take a look at some of the best choices for buying elegantly carved wine boxes.