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How Technology Is Impacting Small Businesses

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In this digital age, the power of business tools is helping in levelling the playing field and reducing the discrepancy that has existed between large corporations and small businesses. Small businesses are now increasingly tapping into the numerous resources that have been rendered accessible by technology.


Adopting Automation

Automation becomes a good investment for small businesses if it not only lowers business costs but also assists users and customers to get access what they are looking for more easily and quickly. It may not be the best of changes if it is going to give your users unpleasant experiences that may push them away.


The trick lies in striking the right kind of balance between making your customers happy and raising margins.Today, startups can access grants for small businesses that are set aside to specifically assist in such areas as business upgrading.


The App Game

Over the coming years, mobile commerce is expected to continue gathering momentum as more and more consumers turn to using their smartphones for researching products online and making online purchases. With marketing tools now driving customer traffic to your small business, it becomes more important now than ever before to maximize on the dominance of mobile over desktop.


It becomes a must to offer your local customer a fully dedicated mobile application. Creating a well-functioning and active app for your small business gives your company and brand credibility and prestige that was at one time the exclusive reserve of big businesses.


CRM Goes Digital

Today, customer communication is vital if your business is to survive. A well-designed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system has the power of boosting the customer experience through the provision of wide ranging services. More and more forward-looking small businesses are now adopting Customer Relationship Management systems.


Cloud Computing and Data Security

For lots of small enterprises, cloud computing is fast becoming the new normal as it eliminates the necessity of maintaining costly on-site network servers, IT infrastructure, and heavy on-staff expertise. A key driver for many small businesses will be enhanced data security as they are typically much more vulnerable compared to large corporations—with less chance of recovering from a data breach.


Harnessing Social Media

The number of estimated active social media users is around a massive 2.307 billion, and by 2018, the figure could rise to 2.55 billion. That’s where traffic for your small business lies and you therefore need to tap into it. Having noted that, it is important to remember that the bigger percentages of social media users are accessing these platforms using their tablets and smartphones.


The technology reach has penetrated far and deep into the realm of business productivity and growth monitoring. And nowhere is it being felt more than in the small business sector. To fully benefit your business, it is vital to be aware of the latest trends and tools that can guide you in the right technology investment and implementation techniques. You may be able to find more information at Ontario Centres of Excellence.

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